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A small family run business selling delicious hand sliced Biltong and Bacon Jerky

Welcome and thank you for looking around our website. My name is Mark and 10 years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced (by my South African born wife) to a spiced beef snack more commonly known as Biltong. The taste was amazing and the snack become very more-ish....quickly!

The Start:

So why did I start making Biltong? In all honesty I was interested in how the snack was made, this was where the father in law stepped in. He had been making Biltong for years and kindly offered to teach me how to make Biltong and, more importantly, he built me my first Biltong drying box.

I found the process was easy enough and the end product all depended on the cut of the beef and the spices you use...oh and the wait for my first batch of Biltong to dry and taste was a killer. But after numorus attempts (and quite a few free samples to family and friends) I finally came up with a product I was happy with.

I only use lean cuts of beef (any fat found during the slicing process is removed) and authentic South African spices to make our Biltong.

Finding the Bacon:

On my first trip to South Africa a close family member introduced me to Bacon Biltong. I have to say it was a different taste to the beef Biltong, but yet again amazing. When I got home I tried to re-create the same snack, yes you've guessed it loads of free samples to family and friends! The problem was I could get the taste right. When I was just about to give up the wife (yes Im giving her credit for this one) came up with a different idea and the outcome.....Bacon Jerky!

The snack is starting to become and firm favourite with everyone who tries it - even the wife say's it could take over Biltong for her, very high praise from a South African!

So why did I start Delicious Moo's?

Those free samples I mentioned before, I was asked time and time again to make more. Everyone I spoke to was paying over the odds for Biltong in big supermarket chains (you know who you are!). So I decided to give it a go and produce a snack that not only I would be happy to eat but I would be happy for my family and friends to eat. So in 2017 I started Delicious Moo's, by the way the company is named after my daughter Madison, her nickname is Moo.

The company is still in its start up phase, but we'll keep going and try to introduce new products along the way. We have so many idea's and trust me I have so many different snacks I would love to introduce you all to, keep an eye out I may be asking for new snack testers in the future! 

Any feedback or ideas are alway welcomed, so please dont be scared to get in touch.

Kind Regards


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